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Medical & Life Insurance
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Medical Insurance

individual & group

Our medical insurance plans have been designed to ensure total and comprehensive coverage to suit the needs of our valuable clients.

In addition to our Individual and Family plans, our services cater for corporate needs as well. Companies are keen to ensure their employees get the best medical treatment and NIC provides this at a very high rate of professionalism and efficiency.

Life Insurance

A-Term Life Insurance / Individual :

This is the simplest and least expensive form of life insurance. It is purely a life insurance policy without an investment segment, very suitable for business men .
This plan enables the client to decide on a lump sum amount (Sum Insured) to be paid to the beneficiaries specified in the policy in the event of death due to any cause, to cover their future needs of life ,education and plans.

B- Group Life Insurance:

Life insurance can be tailored to the satisfaction of corporate’s and companies who seek to offer it as an incentive to enhance loyalty of their employees.
With 24 hours coverage; any company can insure the lives of their employees in case of death due to any cause.

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